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            crosslinking agent
            • crosslinking agent
            crosslinking agent

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            • 品牌 : Epoxy
            • time : 2021.04.22


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            Typical application of silane coupling agent in crosslinking agent

            Silane coupling agent can be used as crosslinking agent:
            Improve the toughness, weatherability and water resistance of the polymer

            Improve the compressive strength, impact resistance and tensile strength of polymer

            Improve the mechanical and flame retardant properties of materials

            Improve mechanical strength and electrical performance

            Recommended application model of silane coupling agent

               KH-151 Vingyltriethoxysilane       KH-171 Vinyltrimethoxysilane    KH-172 6-ethenyl-6-(2-methoxyethoxy)-2,5,7,10-tetraoxa-6-silaundecane 

              EB25 3-Isocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane   EB35 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilan

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