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            ABOUT US  

                 Guangzhou Epoxy Material Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in creating new materials, improving the quality of life, and helping China's new material industry to take off. The company mainly researches, develops, produces and operates various silane coupling agents, and mainly serves the coating industry, plastic industry, artificial stone industry and other related industries, such as additives and production technical services. It is a national brand enterprise integrating design and development, raw material production, product processing, product sales and service. With the world's leading first-class technology and high-quality core management team, we focus on creating exquisite and environmentally friendly high-end auxiliary products.

                The company adheres to the quality and innovation as the basis of foothold and development. On the basis of digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of foreign similar products, it researches and creates its own unique process formula and production technology. With our good reputation, strong technical force, scientific management and first-class service, it has successfully pushed the products to the domestic and foreign markets, and has been praised by customers.


                                                         Research and Development Building